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The Shadow Boy -- Chapter eight :iconkieri96:Kieri96 0 3
The Shadow Boy -- Chapter seven
POV:: The Shadow Bo--err...Davyn's perspective -- first person, naturally
A week came and went by so fast. I learned more about Chassidy each day as I stayed by her side always.. Well mostly always. I did respect her privacy. (I only peeped once as she showered.)
She stood in her kitchen with the fridge door open, searching for something, clad in a casual light blue halter style dress and matching light blue flats with a little white bow on the front. She looked gorgeous. And for a moment, I wished I could reach out to her and--
"Say are you able to move things without much of a physical body in this world?"
Her question caught me off guard. Beautiful and smart, Chassidy was definitely my favourite leader yet.
"That's an easy one. I control the particles in the air near the object of my choice to latch on and elevate the object in the air. Thus, creating the illusion that I am actually moving something with my own body. It is much like how spirits move things, really," I exp
:iconkieri96:Kieri96 0 0
Commie for Grimmgin's OC ~ Rayne by Kieri96
Mature content
Commie for Grimmgin's OC ~ Rayne :iconkieri96:Kieri96 0 0
A commission for a faerie nice lady~ by Kieri96 A commission for a faerie nice lady~ :iconkieri96:Kieri96 1 2 He is Love but Love is not He. by Kieri96 He is Love but Love is not He. :iconkieri96:Kieri96 6 2 .:demasque:. by Kieri96 .:demasque:. :iconkieri96:Kieri96 3 2
Legend of the Snow Maiden
A fair-skinned snow maiden strode through the courtyard as little white frozen flakes fell from the sky just to land on the ground immediately beginning to breakdown--disappearing forever. She watched as many couples gracefully skated on the frozen lake in synchronization; so in tune with each other's movements, emotions, and thoughts. Was love what caused them to be synchronized? Or was synchronization what love was all about?
She gathered her lacy-frilled skirt in her dainty, slender hands and carefully took a seat on the snow-covered ground, far away from the lovers now. She thought to herself, if that was the case, why was she not content with her parents' choice of a suitor for her? The suitor and her were so eerily similar in practically every way. They had the same sharp tongue, witty humor, sensitivity and opinions. They were so alike in many way that many would ask if the two were related--second cousins perhaps. They would say in unison that they weren't at the same moment wi
:iconkieri96:Kieri96 3 6
The Shadow Boy -- Chapter Six
POV Switch:: Chassidy's perspective -- first person
I had worked up my courage to ask the other being what he was. He had said 'shadow'. A moment after his response I cleared my throat and said,
"Oh. I see. A shadow...warrior..."
I nodded my head, still staring at the  'shadow'. I felt myself get dizzy. This couldn't really be happening, could it? Shadows couldn't speak, that was unheard of. I sat back down in my chair, due to my lightheadedness.
"Do all shadows speak, like you?"
I swallowed hard, desperately praying that it would not be the answer I had thought it might be. I listened intently for his response.
" But all are able to think, reason, and move around, like myself. Mainly lower level and younger shadows are unable to speak."
I took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly, but shakily. I nodded my head again. I tried to keep myself calm.
"Lower level? What level are you......what is your name?"
"My name? Shadows don't have names. But if it pleases you, I sha
:iconkieri96:Kieri96 3 0
'You may know my name.......'
    Ha-chan's story.
                    I grew up in the late 19th century. I was born in 1897 to be exact. The current year was 1914; I was seventeen years of age and already madly in love. Her name was Maria Annette Harrison; she was easily the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Guys came from all over to ask for her hand in marriage, but much to everyone's surprise, my own included, she picked me. Why I was clearly her favorite out of all the young men, I myself had no idea, for my family was in the lower part of the upper class. Still, we went ice skating on frozen ponds in the winter, took strolls in the park on autumn days, went for lovely carriage rides in the spring, and had picnics on her lawn in the summer. All of these activities were chaperoned of course, because back in those days it was a scandal if a young boy and girl were alone together, even in
:iconkieri96:Kieri96 2 30
.._+'' Young student ''+_.. by Kieri96 .._+'' Young student ''+_.. :iconkieri96:Kieri96 2 2
The Shadow Boy -- Chapter Five
POV Switch:: The Shadow Boy's perspective -- first person
I jumped as soon as I heard her scream. Not many things startle me in this world, but that was definitely going on my blood-curdling list. She asked me who I was. How was I supposed to answer that? Shadows aren't named, well not by other shadows anyway. It's a human trait to name things. Do you hear a dog name it's pup? Of course not. In the beginning, only man named things, and in the end, only man will name things. I replaced the book on the shelf and said to Chassidy,
"I'm an admirer. Don't be alarmed, I'm not here to harm you."
Well, I say that I 'said' that to Chassidy, but it was more of a whisper, really. Shadows don't really have voices. We speak, but not in the traditional sense of vocals reverberating in the throat. Since, afterall we do not have much of a physical form, so we can't really speak.
Chassidy's eyes grew wide, perhaps out of fear, but I didn't think it was fear I saw, just curiosity and shock.
I took a gla
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Opposites Attract_Free Avi by Kieri96 Opposites Attract_Free Avi :iconkieri96:Kieri96 1 0 This is not my heart_Free Avi by Kieri96 This is not my heart_Free Avi :iconkieri96:Kieri96 1 0
Pre - Eskimo Princess
((The following short story is based upon a memory. Some of it is not accurate, but most of it is. I suggest listening to this song as you read the following;;  Please enjoy. C: ))
The tears rolled down her cheeks, she didn't understand. She sat there, shaking, crossing her trembling arms across her reverberating heart.
She just smiled and asked her concerned friends at the lunch table, "He isn't looking, is he?"
They all shook their heads and simply said, "No."
Forty minutes or so earlier...
She had sat at her computer, next to him. He was busy typing up something. She couldn't tell what. He conveniently minimized Microsoft Word each time she glanced over there or asked him what he was up to.
He was a lot less talkative that day than usual. She was thankful he wasn't distracting her as much as normal, but she did enjoy their unusual conversations and his witty comments. Occasionally he would take his mouse and unplug it from his computer and plug i
:iconkieri96:Kieri96 2 6
The beginning...
I wander through the halls. 'This school is so big...or is that just the students?' I chuckle to myself and turn into my next classroom on my schedule. It was fourth hour. I had met the teacher before. Many times before. She had gone to my church many years before. Her and her family. A friend of my sister was once smitten with their son.
I walk in farther, clutching my binders and textbooks with all my might, shaking from being so nervous, and perhaps from missing out on breakfast that morning... I pick a random spot and sit down, waiting for the teacher's instructions.I notice the upperclassmen. So tall. So social. >
The bell rings and the teacher walks in incredibly cheerful. My tension eases up a bit and I relax. She explains that normally we put our books on the computer counter to the side of the room or on an empty table. I glance over to look at all the computers. I instantly cheer up more. Technology. I know how to work a computer better than I know how to walk. I hope and pra
:iconkieri96:Kieri96 1 0
Crysanthes' + Archmerios' meme by Kieri96 Crysanthes' + Archmerios' meme :iconkieri96:Kieri96 2 10



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